February 25, 2016

About Matthew

Matthew is founder and principal consultant for Matthew Hughes Consulting, LLC. Matthew has been spending all of his career helping organizations of all sizes embrace change and agility, improve customer experience, engage employees and master operational excellence. Matthew’s focus has been in technology SaaS and on-premise products and services, including enterprise back office systems and patented consumer-facing products, across multiple industries, including government, food service and healthcare.

Matthew’s approach blends professional development, executive coaching, process improvement and continual learning to help teams learn and discover best practices for making life better. Starting with the why, establishing and communicating the common vision and values of the organization, Matthew’s success has been helping people discover their passion and coaching them to remove all roadblocks and obstacles to win.

Working with organizations of 50, 500 and 500,000 employees, Matthew has observed although the specific pain points vary, all organizations experience similar challenges building a high-performing culture. He’s been able to leverage proven principles and best practice approaches to help move teams,┬ádepartments and organizations establish and achieve their objectives.

You can see more about Matthew on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewjosephhughes.