Organizations need help

Everything takes too long and costs too much


Lean Startup Speed

Better, faster and cheaper with Agile/Lean. Bottleneck-free delivery with early & frequent feedback to deliver fast.

Agile Organizations Move Faster

Product Champions

Realize the full potential of employee “product champion” teams and customer “promoter advocates” to win markets.

Passionate Organizations Win Markets

Bias for Results

Avoid paralysis of analysis. We help teams continually learn and deliver for clients, stakeholders and colleagues.

Learning Organizations Deliver More

Turnarounds & Alignment

We can help you navigate through the competing politics, values, aspirations, emotional reactions and belief systems.

Brave Organizations Embrace Change

Leadership Development

“Leaders promote what they permit.” We help leaders provide more clarity, support, accountability and feedback.

Great Organizations Inspire Leadership

Digital Transformation

Expedite your digital platform and data governance program to transform your business and create value.

Leading Organizations Leverage Digital

Organizational Health

Trust and clear communication transforms groups of people into teams accountable and committed to win.

Healthy Organizations Empower Teams

Customer Experience

Let customers see how open and transparent your organization is at delivering based on their feedback.

Open Organizations Delight Customers

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Client Results

Improved Customer Experience, Profitability and Business Agility in a Disruptive Economy

Healthy & Strong Organizations able to thrive in the new Customer-Centric Digital Economy
  • Strong leadership and engaged employees working together based on trust and accountability for results.

    Culture Beats Strategy

  • Agile/lean frameworks that empower teams to deliver more value faster and cheaper than everyone else.

    Results Win Business

  • An evolving digital platform that provides real-time insight and workflow for your customers and internal operations.

    Digital Drives Performance

  • Your organization has a healthy obsession with understanding your customers and how to deliver on their needs.

    Customers Tell Prospects

About Us

Matthew Hughes Consulting, LLC is a boutique consulting practice that delivers transformative results for organizations
Passionate about making life better, for clients, colleagues and owners.
Helping public and private sector organizations grow healthy and strong.

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