February 18, 2016


Consulting Services

Consulting services always begin with a strong conceptual understanding and agreement of the key issues and opportunities that add the most value to our clients, with a shared commitment in partnering to achieve agreed-upon outcomes. These services include aspects of digital disruption and data governance, strategy & culture, organizational health, operational excellence, software and technology products and projects ideally culminating in business transformation.

The goal is win-win-win: help the organization, the employees and customers get more of what they need, with the least amount of waste and pain as possible.

  • Operational Excellence: Help your organization deliver – faster, better, cheaper
    • Improve flow of work with Agile/Lean (scrum, kanban, DevOps, etc.)
    • Establish and sustain continual learning & process improvement cycles
    • Simplify and improve portfolio, program & project management capabilities
    • Establish and sustain a lean startup product lifecycle management
  • Digital Leadership: Help your leaders make better, data-driven decisions 
    • Iterating a Digital Roadmap (Digital Disruption, Digital Mastery, Digital Transformation)
    • Lean Startup Data Governance
    • Automation & Orchestration (Workflow, DevOps)
  • Organizational Health: Help your employees and executives do the right thing 
    • Building Cohesive Leadership Teams
    • Establishing Organizational Alignment around Vision, Mission & Values
    • Engaging & Empowering Employee Advocates
    • Organizational Design & Alignment
    • Clarify & Communicate Priorities
    • Rewarding Healthy Behavior & Outcomes
  • Customer Experience: Help your customers by delivering more of what they need, not what you think
    • Improving Customer Satisfaction Scores
    • Understanding Customer Value and Out-Delivering Everyone Else
    • Best-in-class Customer Experience

Coaching Services

Coaching includes initial and iterative assessments, agreed-upon action plans and scheduled follow-up. Every coaching engagement will have clearly defined objectives that focus on specific key abilities and behaviors, as agreed upon by key stakeholders. Coaching can be a mix of functional and behavioral skills, to be defined and agreed upon at the onset of the coaching agreement.

Executive Leadership 1-on-1 Coaching

  • 360 and “Keep/Change” Feedback
  • Effective Leadership: Leading So People Follow
  • Career Planning
  • 90-Day Transition Plans
  • Contextual & Situational Leadership
  • From Functional Manager to Transformational Leader
  • Personal Responsibility Workshops
  • Personal Mission Statement & Leadership Framework

Team/Cross-Team Facilitation:

  • 360 Feedback & SWOT Assessment
  • Overcoming Dysfunction
  • 90-Day Transition Plans
  • Personal Responsibility Workshops
  • Personal Mission Statement & Leadership Framework